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Flora and fauna


Wildlife has a particularly rich, with many animal species (vertebrates, invertebrates, aquatic animals and parasites). Among mammals, the animal most emblematic remains the elephant, whose tusks made of ivory, once were an important source of income. Species once abundant in the forest as savannah elephants has been heavily hunted and poached. Also still not there in the reserves and parks and forests are some points where it is rubbed by the hippopotamus, more related to areas of savannah, the giant forest hog or wild boar, antelope and other duikers , buffalo, monkeys, rodents, pangolins and carnivores, including lion, leopard and mongoose.

The birds, including several hundred species have been identified, beautify the landscape. There is also a very large number of smaller species including invertebrates such as molluscs, insects, aquatic species, etc.. Some animals, famous in the area more humid South, become, like some species of chimpanzees, rare. Many other species are endangered.


The vegetation has changed considerably over the years. The scenery base, formed by dense forests, generally divided into evergreen forests and mesophile forests, occupies the original third of the territory south and west. It is complemented by open woodlands or savannas and woodlands that stretch from North Center, but with many points of dry rainforest. Small mangrove also exist on the coast.

The Ivory Coast is famous for its vast plantations which have greatly contributed to give up its "engine" of West Africa.
It is thus plantations coffee, cocoaOf palm oilOf coconutD 'rubber and banana.

To broaden the range of exportable products and thereby to reduce the country's dependence vis-à-vis world prices of coffee and cocoa, the authorities have decided to actively develop the plantations ofavocadoOf lemonOf guavaOf mango or even papaya.

Across the country, there are the usual but nevertheless beautiful tropical flowering trees such as frangipaniThe hibiscusThe bougainvillea or acacias.